Wrapped in seeded paper Our 100% soy aromatherapy candles with essential oils. Hand Poured in Yorkshire - 5 Star Reviews ★★★★★

Re-Usable 100% Soy Candles


Rejuvenate with our Re-Usable Aromatherapy Candles

Wellness by Manuel candles enhance relaxation and well-being, hand crafted from all natural ingredients including soy wax and essential oils to ensure a cleaner and healthier burn. These soothing scents effectively reduce stress and elevate mood, making them a perfect addition to your self-care regimen, fostering a serene atmosphere and inner peace. Plus, our single wick candles offer up to 60 hours of burn time for extended enjoyment.

Re Purpose

Once your candle has gracefully illuminated your space and filled it with its captivating fragrance, its journey continues. Rather than discarding the empty jar, you can embark on a sustainable and rewarding adventure. Our seed paper conceals a hidden treasure - a promise of beautiful blossoms. Embedded within the paper are a variety of seeds that, with a bit of care, will transform into vibrant flowers, infusing your surroundings with the beauty of nature.

Our commitment to sustainability is at the core of this packaging concept. By choosing our candles, you not only indulge in a sensory experience but also actively contribute to reducing waste. It's as simple as planting your seed paper and witnessing the enchanting transformation as your flowers burst into life.

60 Hours

Approx Burn time of our Single Wick


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