How to help you help yourself

How to help you help yourself

Sometimes with the manic rush of life, work, family, friends, and the sometimes-dreaded commitments, we often forget to look after our own wellbeing. Help can be a hard word to say we often see it as a sign of weakness when in fact it is a sign of strength and growth. But hard nevertheless so we wanted to guide you through our four step HELP template, small changes you can add into your daily routine to boost your wellbeing and promote a happier mindset.

H- Hobbies, the world is full of fun things that can pose as a well needed distraction from time to time, in this modern age where Axe throwing is back from the Viking years, graffiti is deemed as art and yoga comes in numerous forms, your possibilities are endless. Find your niche, learn a language, practice aromatherapy, pick up the colourful pencils you put down years ago and see what you remember. Reintroduce structure, joining a group at a certain time every week is something to look forward to, something away from your daily routine.

E- Exercising, I know, I know but hear us out, it does not have to be running 5k or swimming the English channel, all it has to be is a longer walk with the dog, a weekly 30 minute swim in your local baths or take the stairs a couple of flights instead of the lift. When you exercise your body releases endorphins, these have a positive impact on your body and mind, they give you a feeling of euphoria. It may be a challenge but little and often is key, the more you do the more you will want to do. Our refresh range with a peppermint and lemongrass scent leaves you feeling energised and more alert, ready to take on any challenges the day throws at you, light the candle and breathe in its refreshing and energising scent.

L- Laughter, a simple concept until you take a moment to think about it, when did you last really laugh? Belly laugh, that feeling of wanting to drop to the floor because something was so funny you could not think about anything but that for ages after it happened. Laughter is food for the soul. It reduces signs of aging; it feels amazing and making others laugh feels great too. You’re life is so serious, we know that money management, health worries, work pressure among other factors can affect your ability to just laugh, tell the knock knock jokes, prank your family members, reminisce about those memories with friends that always come up when you’re all together and just laugh.

P- Positivity, I know easier said than done when it feels like you’re in a real life game of Mario Kart and keep getting thrown off the road by them pesky bananas but you have to remain positive, life will ALWAYS throw you curveballs, set you challenges and sometimes just suck! But we have to learn to look at things differently, turn negatives into positives by finding the perks of the problem, look back at how you’ve grown and how that problem last year has made you who you are today, those financial problems we have all had will help us in the future with money management. A positive mindset in a tricky situation can help you see things more clearly and resolve the problem quicker and more efficiently.

Help yourself grow, help others learn, help your own mindset and wellbeing by trying these small and manageable life changes, one at a time or all at once, whatever works for you but don’t forget that if you need it, ask for HELP.


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