How Aromatherapy can Improve Your Yoga

How Aromatherapy can Improve Your Yoga

Did you know that aromatherapy has healing properties that can help improve your emotional and mental wellbeing? Combining this practice with yoga can produce the perfect healing practice and improve your holistic and spiritual journey. 

Yoga philosophy recognises that everything in the world is connected, which is why adding essential oils into your yoga routine allows you to reconnect with your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Scent is arguably our most powerful sense in terms of how it effects our nervous system. Aromatherapy and breathing in essential oils produces hyper-activity in our limbic system, the part of our brain which processes emotions, memory, and behavioural responses. Depending on your scent of choice, aromatic fragrances can produce mood-boosting chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine.

Whilst yoga helps improve strength, relaxation, focus, and flexibility, the inclusion of aromatherapy into your yoga practice can support your immune system through its natural cleaning and healing properties. Essential oils such as tea tree, clove and peppermint are great for respiratory health. Adding these aromas into your yoga practice can alleviate any shortness of breath or discomfort throughout. To do this, you can either use an oil diffuser, or simply add few drops of your chosen oil to your wrists or behind your ear. 

If you’re practicing yoga on an evening, lavender essential oil can enhance your experience as it promotes relaxation and can even help achieve a better quality of sleep. Our Unwind soy candle contains lavender and other essential oils that can help alleviate restlessness, insomnia, and stress.

Aromas such as lemon grass, eucalyptus, and peppermint can be incorporated into yoga to increase energy and alertness. Introducing lemongrass oil into your morning routine can promote confidence as well as help improve your short-term memory. Our Refresh soy candle includes all the essential oils necessary for an energising morning yoga routine. 

If you’re just getting started in yoga, you may experience minor muscle discomfort, but don’t let this put you off! Frankincense essential oil is great for relieving muscle and joint pain. Simply massage a few drops of oil onto the affected area and continue with your yoga practice. The aroma will not only ease muscle pain, but it also minimises distractions and helps improve concentration. This can help generate a more mindful and spiritual environment, enhancing the benefits of your yoga practice.

If you don’t own a diffuser or don’t want to put the oil directly on your skin, you can spray a diluted oil solution on your yoga mat. To do this, simply fill a small spray bottle with water and add between 15 – 25 drops of your oil, depending on how strong you want your aroma. 

Don’t be intimidated to experiment with oils! Not everyone experiences scents the same and some oils may surprise you. When experimenting with new oils, ensure that you still find the smell pleasant after 15 minutes as scents can often develop differently depending on their environment. 

Support your body, your mind, and your spirit through using aromatherapy throughout your yoga practice.

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