Upcycle Your Empty Candle Jar

Upcycle Your Empty Candle Jar
Although we provide seed paper with our candles, your candle jar doesn’t exclusively have to be used for Rebirth.
Some customers may prefer to plant their seed paper in larger pots, but are then left wondering what to do with their empty candle jars. Once you have melted the remaining wax and cleaned your empty jar – don’t throw it away! Here’s some new ways you could reuse your empty jar.

Candle Jars for Bathroom Storage:
Our taller, single wick candle jars make perfect a toothbrush and toothpaste holder for your bathroom. The simplistic yet sleek design of our candles ensures that it they will look great in any interior. What’s better, our ceramic candle jars are incredibly easy to clean. Any toothpaste splashes can simply be wiped away with warm water. The wider, three-wick candle jars can be used to store essential bathroom items such as cotton wool pads, mini hand soaps, and hair bands. Not only will this innovative storage technique impress your guests, but it’ll also sharpen up your bathroom and ensure your everyday essentials are always within arm’s reach.

Turn it into a Trinket:
Tray Do you need an easy but stylish way to store your small every-day items? Our three-wick candle jars can easily be used as a nifty trinket tray! Using our three-wick candle jar as a trinket tray eliminates the dreaded scramble for items such as loose change, car keys or hair clips. You don’t have to worry about everyday wear and tear with our jars, they’re incredibly sturdy and can withstand the mishaps of everyday life. Alternatively, our candle jars are great for displaying mints and other sweet treats!

Store Your Beauty Products:
Our single-wick candle jar is perfect for storing make-up brushes and other beauty essentials. The monochromatic and sleek appearance of the jar allows you to easily store all your beauty products without having to worry about whether it’ll clash with other items in your room. Traditional beauty storage containers are typically fragile and unstable. However, upcycling our candle jar into a storage container will ensure that all your items are stored safely. ​

Revamp Your Desk:
Minimise your desk clutter by turning our candle jars into a storage space for your stationary. Taller items such as pens, pencils and rulers can easily be stored in our single-wick candle jar. Whilst smaller items like erasers, pins and sticky notes can be placed in our wider, 3-wick candle jar. We pride ourselves in making our candles suitable for any environment, meaning that you can even take your upcycled candle jar into work. If you want to add some greenery to your desk, you can also use our candle jars as a home for a fake-plant or small succulent! The possibilities are endless – don’t be afraid to get creative!

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