Wellness By Manuel

Our Promise

We promise to provide you with not just a candle, but an experience. As all of our candles are made with pure 100% natural essential oils, the inhalation of the aromas will give you a 'treatment-like' effect, helping to improve your well being. Each candle comes wrapped in a seeded paper band which allows you to transform your empty candle pot into a pot of beautiful homegrown flowers, making zero waste.

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Our Founder

Manuel Benages 

Wellness by Manuel was founded in 2020 by Manuel Bengaes, inspired by his passion for wanting to make a change to peoples mental health and well being. Each candle is expertly blended to give you true wellbeing benefits to help you sleep better, relax, stress less, focus, clear your mind or boost your energy.

Manuel is also the founder of Get Fit 4 Mental Wellness, which is committed to changing lives through the movement of 'Get Fit 4 Mental Wellness'. He has such a powerful story and has already changed so many peoples lives. For every candle sold we will be donating £1 to Get Fit 4 Mental Wellness

Our mission

Our mission is to create high quality natural candles that are much more than just a beautiful candle, but an experience to stimulate your mental well-being, while being kind to the environment. 

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Our values

Help peoples well being - Our luxury scented candles are more than just a candle, we want to provide our customers with an experience to help them with their wellness journey. We are committed to providing each customer with wellness resources to help you improve your mental well-being

Be kind to the environment -  All of our products and packaging are eco-friendly, as we are committed to helping the environment. Our candles are packaged in a seed paper, which allows each customer to re use the candle jar once the candle has finished to grow beautiful flowers, making it a zero waste product. All of our packaging is fully recyclable and includes no plastics. Finally, our candles are made with natural ethically sourced ingredients, so no nasty toxins are released into the environment

Provide Quality Products -  All of our products are of the highest quality. We source the highest quality natural materials, and all of our candles are hand poured in the UK.

Charity of Choice

Get Fit 4 Mental Wellness

Get Fit 4 Mental Wellness is a charity committed to changing lives through the movement of 'Get fit 4 Mental Wellness' . They run weekly events, including a drop-in hub and Scammonden Steps, where people of all ages and backgrouds attend to improve their mental wellness. They have recently launched an 8 week program which sees people who are in need of support for their mental health put through a tailored program with specialists to help them improve their mental well-being.

For every candle sold a % will be donated to Get Fit 4 Mental Wellness to help support them in their movement to change lives. 

Learn more at www.getfit4mentalwellness.com/

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Recyclable / Reusable

Our candle and packaging is 100% recyclable or reusable 

Hand Made in the UK

Each candle is hand poured in the UK in small batches

100% Natural 

100% Natural soy wax and essential oils


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