Seed Paper Instructions

Grow beautiful flowers

Recycle your candle jar and grow beautiful flowers

  • After the candle is fully used, melt the remaining wax using boiling hot water, and clean out the jar using warm water and leaving to dry
  • Soak the seed paper in water 
  • Fill the empty pot with soil
  • Rip up the seed paper into small squares and cover the pot 
  • Cover the paper with ¼” of soil
  • Place the pot somewhere warm and light
  • Keep the soil moist until sprouts mature
  • Water daily
  • Watch your seeds blossom into beautiful wild flowers ( refresh candle) or lavender ( unwind candle)
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How long does seed paper take to grow?

If you plant your seed paper packaging according to the instructions, you should see sprouts within 7-10 days! The plants will grow and mature at different rates depending on the surrounding conditions 

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What if it doesn't grow?

All of our plantable seed paper is embedded with 100% organic seeds. Keep in mind that seeds will act differently in varying environments, soil types, and climates.

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What flowers will I grow?

Our Refresh candle is embedded with a mix of beautiful wildflowers. 

Our Unwind candle is embedded with lavender seeds

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